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Purrfectly Fabulous (Kid Girl) -- Light Ivory, Grey, Black, Natural (Offray), Light Coral, Dark Coral, Pink Passion, Mango Tango, Cranberry

Purrfectly Fabulous (Baby Girl) -- Light Ivory, Black, Natural (Offray) -- for the purple color, go with Melanzana (Offray) for a lighter purple or Plumberry for a darker purple (not a perfect match for the purple color in this line).

Snowflake Glamour -- Millennium Silver, Grey, Light Ivory, Robins Egg Blue, Navajo Turquoise, Rose Pink, Nora, Gold Sparkle, Silver Sparkle

Color Happy -- White, Red, Orange, Shocking Pink, Dark Royal, Lime, Royal (Coming Soon), Dark Orchid, Melanzana (Offray), Jade Blue (a little dark), Navajo Turquoise (a little light)

Winter Peacock -- Light Ivory, Dark Royal, Aquamarine, Deep Purple, Dark Orchid, Sapphire

Star of the Show -- Gold, Tomato, Rose Pink, Tahiti Rose, Raspberry (Offray), Brown, Taupe

Fancy Dalmatians -- Black, Blue Magic, White, Emerald (Light) OR Forest Green (Dark) *Please note that there wasn't a super close match for the green color. You could use either Emerald or Forest Green.

Reindeer Fair Isle -- Red, White, Millennium Silver

Wild for Horses -- Yellow, Millennium Silver, Flannel Grey, Pink, Shocking Pink, Dark Coral, Mint, Jade

Mousing Around -- Hot Pink, Shocking Pink, Dark Orchid, Deep Plum, Millennium Silver, Flannel Grey, Lemongrass, Yellow

Fashionable Fox -- White, Oatmeal, Brown, Light Navy, Shocking Pink, Berry Pink, Pumpkin Pie, Mango Tango, Banana Cream

Sweet Music -- White, Taupe, Shocking Pink, Berry Pink, Orange, Dark Royal, Navajo Turquoise, Jade Blue, Pure Green (Offray)

Falling for Feathers/Stylish Corgi -- White, Living Coral (Offray), Celadon, Leaf (Offray), Dark Orchid, Deep Purple, Pixie Pink, Shocking Pink, Brown

Bright Owl -- Light Ivory, Banana Cream, Yellow, Millennium Silver, Flannel Grey, Silver Metallic.

Ready, Dress, Go! -- Navajo Turquoise, Jade Blue, Yellow Gold, Oatmeal, Turftan, Brown, Cranberry (or French Pink). NOTE: The Dark Pink Color did not have a great color match -- the closest would be cranberry (dark) or french pink (light).

Glamorous Friends -- Navajo Turquoise, Jade Blue, Oatmeal, Turftan, Brown

Brightest in Class/Smart Little Lady -- White, Apricot (light), Orange (dark), Pixie Pink, Emerald, Dark Navy, Tomato

Sparkle Kitty -- Festive Fuchsia, Wild Orchid, Millennium Silver, Silver Metallic, Sapphire (light, but is the closest match)

Friendship Camp/Unicorn Garden -- Sage, Evergreen, Dusty Rose, Sorbet, Light Blue, Banana Cream, Creamsicle, White

Wild for Zebra -- White, Black, Plumberry, Festive Fuchsia, Mango Tango, Creamsicle, Pixie Pink, Lemongrass, Celadon, Moss (Offray). Butterfly Blues: Aquamarine, Navajo Turquoise, Sapphire

Island Lily -- White, Yellow, Orange, Key Lime, Emerald, Shocking Pink, Pink Passion

4th of July -- Cranberry, Dark Navy, White

Surf Adventure -- White, Dark Orchid, Deep Plum, Pumpkin Pie, Mango Tango, Shocking Pink (matches the best with both pink colors), Olive, Celadon, Robins Egg Blue, Natural

Aqua Summer -- White, Dark Royal, Robins Egg Blue, Navajo Turquoise, Sapphire

Preppy Peach -- White, Old Rose, Mango Tango (dark), Offray Living Coral (light), Banana Cream, Lemongrass, Offray Leaf

Rainbow Cabana -- White, Ocean Blue, Blue Magic, Mystic Blue, Pure Green, Pistachio, Apricot, Pink Passion, Shocking Pink

Daffodil Garden -- White, Lavender, Dark Orchid, Deep Plum, Banana Cream, Gold, Lemongrass, Apple Green

Spring Celebrations -- BLUE STYLES - Light Blue, Millennium Blue, Dark Navy OTHER STYLES - White, Dark Orchid, Banana Cream, Baby Pink, Hot Pink (Offray), Lime Juice (Offray)

Tea Time Afternoon -- White, Sarsaparilla, Pink Passion, Wild Orchid, Mango Tango, Lemongrass, Lemon (Offray), Moss (Offray)

Blooming Nautical -- White, Creamsicle, Pink Passion, Cranberry, Light Navy, French Pink, Lemongrass (a little light)

Faraway Traveler -- Pink Passion, White, Mango Tango (dark, but the best match)