2010 Line

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Flower Showers -- Baby Maize, Dark Navy, Capri Blue, Millennium Silver, White

Girl's Best Friend -- Brown, Millennium Blue, White

Penguin Chalet -- Cranberry, White, Khaki, Grey, Black

Sugarplum Sparkle -- White, Gray, Black, Silver Metallic, Plumberry (Coming Soon)

Merry & Bright -- Yellow, White, Emerald, Flannel Grey, Grey, Wild Berry (Closest Match)

Alpine Sweetie -- Old Rose, Cranberry, Light Ivory, Brown, Oatmeal

Snow Sports -- Hot Pink, Pink Passion, Flannel Grey, White, Lime (a little dark)

Tres Fabulous -- Black, White, Baby Pink, Flannel Grey, Grey, Millennium Silver, Metallic Silver Accents

Holiday Celebrations -- Light Navy, White, Cranberry, Evergreen, Black, Yellow

Holiday Trimmings -- Light Navy, Silver Metallic

Fall Homecoming -- White, Lemongrass, Berry Pink(coming soon), Orange, Brown, Sorbet(coming soon)

Dance Team -- White, Millennium Silver, Lavender, Emerald, Deep Purple (closest dark purple match)

Peacock Petals -- White, Light Blue, Electric Blue, Dark Navy, Silver Metallic

Smart Girls Rule -- Emerald, Dark Navy, White, Baby Pink, Pink Passion (a little light)

Smart Kitties -- Oatmeal, Brown, Baby Pink, Pink Passion, Dark Navy

Cowgirls at Heart -- Flannel Grey, Brown, Celadon, Dark Orchid, Lavender, Spring Moss (Offray)

I Love Soccer -- Baby Pink, Shocking Pink, Emerald, White

Poppy Love -- White, Red, Black

Floral Reef -- White, Light Blue, Wild Orchid, Shocking Pink, Lemonade (a little light), Gold (a little dark), Papaya, Lemongrass, Moss (Offray)

Citrus Cooler -- White, Sarsaparilla, Old Rose, Orange, Baby Maize, New Chartreuse (Offray)

Glamour Safari-- White, Tropic Lilac, Brown, French Pink, Rose Pink, Maize, Yellow Gold, Lemonsgrass

Safari Fashion-- White, Brown

Flower Bazaar -- White, Olive, Shocking Pink, Creme

Malibu Cowgirl -- White, Blue, Millennium Blue, Robins Egg Blue, Lemongrass, Moss (Offray), Oatmeal (Offray)

Popsicle Party-- Key Lime, Aquamarine, Creamsicle, Shocking Pink, Hot Pink, Baby Pink, White

Tulip Garden/Celebrate Spring -- Light Pink, Old Rose, Rose Red (the best match for the darker pink color), Lime Juice, Spring Moss, Moss

A Pop of Daisies -- White, Yellow, Misty Turquoise, Light Blue, Lypple, Emerald

Fairy Fashionable -- Hot Pink, Shocking Pink, Creamsicle, Dark Orchid, Lemongrass, Yellow, Robins Egg Blue, White, Moss

Santorini Sweetie -- Dark Royal, Capri Blue, White, Bluebird