2007 Line

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2007 Line Of Gymboree

Holland Days -- Tomato, Red, Lime, Capri Blue, Light Ivory, Dark Navy

Tres Chic -- Rose Pink, Black, White, Hot Pink, Shocking Pink

Cupcake Cutie -- Apple Green, Robins Egg Blue, Rose Pink, Orange, Red, White, Shocking Pink, Brown, Sapphire

The Ballet  -- Light Ivory, Rose Pink, Grey

Snow Princess  -- Rose Pink, Pink, Blue, Blueberry, Light Ivory, Celadon, Emerald

Winter Glam -- Brown, Light Ivory, Rose Pink, Light Pink

Mountain Cabin -- Cranberry, Millennium Blue, Lemonade, Tomato, Evergreen, Olive

Glamour Kitty -- Black, Taupe, Oatmeal, Cranberry (the best match)

Holiday Classics -- Black, Light Ivory, Cranberry, Dark Navy, Evergreen

Beautiful Luxe -- Light Ivory, Gold Metallic

Girl Detective --  Mauve, Rose Pink, Light Ivory, Celadon, Brown, Taupe

City Girl --  Light Ivory, Dark Navy

Harvest Leaves -- Cranberry, Maroon, Orange, Light Ivory, Light Pink, Celadon, Olive, Gold

Equestrian Club -- Lemonade, Brown, Light Blue, Olive, Evergreen, Pecan

Schoolgirls Rock -- Cranberry, Light Pink, Dark Navy, White, Millennium Silver

Royal Gardens -- Olive, Festive Fuchsia, Light Ivory, Rose Pink, Gold Metallic

Bon Voyage  -- Dark Navy, Red, Light Ivory, Grey, Millennium Silver

Savanna Sunset  -- Rust, Orange, Brown, Turftan, Taupe, Olive, Celadon, Festive Fuchsia, Light Ivory

Strawberry Farm -- Red, Millennium Blue, Blue, Banana, White, Rose Pink

Coral Reef  -- Mauve, Coral, Old Rose, Apricot, Papaya, Yellow Gold,  Maroon, Celadon, Spring Moss, Olive, Light Ivory

Candy Apple -- Apple Green, Lime, Azalea, Sapphire, Robins Egg Blue, Pink, White

Mixed Doubles -- Apple Green, White, Millennium Blue, Pink

Island Getaway -- Papaya, Sugar Plum, Banana, Blue, Red, White, Olive, Lime, Turftan, Oatmeal

Easter - Parisian Rose -- Hot Pink, Rose Pink, Pink, Dark Navy, White

Sunflower Fields --  Apple Green, Spring Moss, Yellow, Yellow Gold, Pink, White, Taupe

Love is in the Air -- Wisteria, Celadon, Yellow, Old Rose, Yellow Gold, Light Pink, Hot Pink, Red, Capri Blue, Dark Royal, Apple Green, Olive, White

Tea Garden -- Dark Orchid, Tropic Lilac, Apricot, Coral, Olive, Celadon, Cranberry, Aquamarine, White